Vibe - Kanye West
Kanye West and Hip Hop in general are a huge driving force when I create something. I created this Vibe cover and 4 page spread to pay homage to someone who has always been forcing me to be a better designer. Kanye is constantly searching for new ways to be creative and is always finding new sources of inspiration, which constantly drives me to keep searching for new things to inspire me. 

I learned a bit of Cinema 4d for this project. The title text for vibe, the title text of "Kanye West" and abstract shape were all created using this program. Blending the 2d world with the 3d world was both exciting and extremely creative! This gives me a new drive in my art and through this project I have become even more excited for what the future in my art work will bring!

All cover copy (headlines) were created by me as well. Thank you!