Rage Against The Paved Road | Music Video
The road to a good life isn't paved.

A music video.

Behind the Scenes
Shot on top of Landmark 81, the tallest tower in South East Asia (as of 2019).
Featuring real troll comments from the band's YouTube page.
We build a room in the historical tiger cage in Saigon's Botanical Garden and Zoo.
A forest of wacky waving inflatable flailing arm mans.
For Lộn Xộn Band & AIA Vietnam.
To those who paved their own roads.

Agency/Production House: The Lab Saigon
Creative Director: Tuan Le
Executive Producer: Mike Pham
Director & Editor: Khánh Nguyễn (Red Team)
Producer: Tram T N Pham
Line Producer: Paul Vĩ Minh
DOP: Ray Lavers
1st AD: Chop TN
2nd AD: Truong Trong Tan
Location Manager: Mây
Account Manager: Phuong Anh Nguyen
Editor: Khanh Nguyen
Colorist: Kim Co, Khanh Nguyen
Production Designer: Rèo, Thủy Trúc
Props Master: Vu Tran
Graphic Design: Ivy Vo, Trần Hoàng Kim
Stylist & Designers: Nguyễn Thục, Quynh An
Band Stylist: Luong Dao
MUA: Kim B Phuong Ngo, Ha My
Band manager: Huong Giang Nguyen
Focus Puller: Long
Rental house: PS Vietnam
Gaffer: Pham Thai Tuan
Production Assistants: Minh Duy, Quốc Khánh
BTS: Thuy Truc, Nhan Phan
Music Production Executive Producer: Mike Pham
Music Producer: Nguyen Hong Giang
Record: M'acoustic Studio
Mix & Master: Nguyen Thanh Nhat Minh
Client: AIA Vietnam, Lon Xon Band
Clothing: Môi Điên, Label
Rage Against The Paved Road | Music Video