Earlytrade specialises in improving working capital management for companies and their suppliers by providing a platform where suppliers choose their payment terms dynamically, in real-time.

The Earlytrade platform enables companies and their suppliers to collaborate transparently in negotiating invoice terms in return for early payment.

Looking to undertake a re-fresh of their brand, and present a new level of sophistication, I was responsible for building and defining all touch points for their brand—from brand positioning through to product design system.

The shapes making up this brandmark help to provide a dynamic sense of movement, represented by a set of concentric circles that oscillate outwards and upwards, presenting an optimistic image.

In doing so, these rings appear to pulse, representing the dynamic nature of the supply chain and the movement of finances between Suppliers and Corporate customers.

The circle at the bottom left of the mark represents Earlytrade and is a nod to the type of disruption and ripples they are causing with their approach to early payment.

These oscillating circles sit within a hexagonal shape. Hexagons are structurally stable – their regularity and evenness of shape allows them to repeat and their connecting center ties everything together and links everything back.

It presents a solid brand mark, one that has a strong mix of class and modernity.
Brand Patterns—
A collection of patterns have been created to reflect the tone of Earlytrade.

These patterns present the image of a dynamic ecosystem, pulsing with activity. The cyclical nature of the patterns are a direct reference to supply chain financing and the connections that exist within it.

They possess a strong sense of movement and disruption. They are adaptable and analytical.

These pattern are used individually as feature elements, as backgrounds or combined and used in instances such as signage, advertising and marketing collateral as demonstrated below.
The Wordmark is created from a transitional serif typeface, featuring a high contrast design with sharp, triangular serifs. These shapes and lines were chosen to reflect the analytical nature of the finance industry, a reference to graphs and data.
Earlytrade typography palette uses a combination of authoritative heading styles and modern grotesque forms.
Design System—
A comprehensive design system was created, allowing Earlytrade's internal team to build out a range of components for use across their entire marketing, digital and product suite moving forward.
These feature patterns represent the kinetic nature of the supply chain and are a reference to the movement of data and payment amongst it. They demonstrate adaptability, just like Earlytrade.
Design / Visual Identity System / Art Direction / Brand Guidelines / UI Design / UX Design / Digital Art Direction


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Earlytrade specialises in improving working capital management for companies and their suppliers by providing a platform where suppliers choose t Read More