Various Cover Arts
"Heir Of the Empire" for Aleph Brazil.
"Goddess" by Fiona McIntosh, ed Bragelonne
"Bloodsounder's trilogy book 1, Scourge of the Betrayers" by Jeff Salyards
"Mistborn" by Brandon Sanderson © Leya Brazil
"Mistborn, the Fianl Empire" by Brandon Sanderson ©Leya Brazil
Felix Gilman "The Thunderer" © Panini/eclipse books
"A song for Lya" by GGR Martin © J'ai Lu
David B Coe "The Bounds of Vengeance" © J'ai Lu - 2013
Terry Goodkind "The first confessor" © Bragelonne
"Comtesse Bathory" by Patrick Mc Spare, © ed Eclipse 2013
Patrick Rothfuss "The name of the wind" © Bragelonne
Patrick Rothfuss "The wise man's fear" © Bragelonne
"Clockwork Heart "by Dru Pagliassotti , French edition "Icarus" © eclipse
Michael J Sullivan " Ryria Chronicles" © Bragelonne
"seconde vie" by Fabrice Colin © ed Michel Lafon
Michael A Stackpole "Fortress Draconnis" © Bragelonne
Alexandre Malagoli " The red Emperor" © Bragelonne
Hannu Rajaniemi "The Quantum Thief" © Bragelonne
Ken Scholes "Lamentations" © Bragelonne
Jamy Wurts " Warhost of Vastmark" © Bragelonne
Nicolas Bouchard " Dust Empire" © Mnémos
Fiona Mc Intosh "Emissary" © Bragelonne
James Lovegrove "Aztech" © J'ai lu
Jerome Noirez "Invisible Empire" © J'ai Lu
James Lovegrove "Desunited Kingdom" © J'ai Lu
David B. Coe "Rules of Ascension" © J'ai Lu
David B. Coe "Seeds of Betrayal" © J'ai Lu
David ZIndell "The Black Jade" © Fleuve Noir
Lisa Smedman "The Gilded Rune" © Wizards of the Coast
Michael Ende "The Neverending Story" © Le livre de poche
Franck Herbert " The Green Brain" © Pocket SF
Raphael Draccon "Dragones de Ether: Caçadores de Bruxas" © Random House Mexico
Raphael Draccon "Dragones de Ether: Círculos de Chuva" © Random House Mexico
Terry Pratchett "Strata" © Pocket SF
Xavier Mauméjean "Special War" © Mango
Arnaud Marquet "The Knight of Ramsay"
JV Jones " A fortress of grey ice" © Orbit Books
Bryan Perro "Amos Daragon" © Pocket jeunesse
David Eddings "Darschiva sorceress"  © Pocket SF
Neal Asher "Cowl" © Fleuve Noir
Jack Vance "Song of a dying Earth, Cugel" © Pygmalion
Jack Vance "Song of a dying Earth, Rhialto" © Pygmalion
"Niourk" Stefan WUL © bragelonne 2013
"Magician's End" Raymond E Feist © Bragelonne
"Songs of Stars and Shadows" GRR Martin, © ed J'ai Lu 2014
David B Coe "Shapers of Darkness"
"Assassin's Apprentice" by Robin Hobb , © Leya Brazil
"Royal Assassin" by Robin Hobb © Leya Brazil
"Assassin's Quest" by Robin Hobb
Jay Allan "Far Star Trilogy, Shadow of Empire" for Harper & Collins
Far Star Trilogy by Jay Allan, for Harper & Collins
"Liveship Traders" by Robin Hobb
Nissan promo illustration done for TBWA/CHIAT/DAY LA for San DIego Comic Con 2016
Various Cover Arts

Various Cover Arts

various cover arts, for many publishers around the world...

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