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    ergonomic compact roller
ORPELA MATI C250 is a compact Roller
The Orpela Mati C250 is designed with the operator in mind, as making
the cab environment more friendly and comfortable to use will mean the
machine becomes much more efficient. The first task was therefore to
position the cab high up enough to offer a good all-round view. The cab
also rotates – in a roller that can be in creep speeds in reverse for long
distances, such a feature is a must, and is much more comfortable than
merely rotating the operator’s seat.
The operator is seated on a unique work station – the seat allows the
operator’s legs to move freely, in a similar way to the seat of a scooter. In
this way, the whole work station can move up and down its piston,
enabling the operator to move into a standing position, letting the blood
flow to the legs to relieve pressure.
The Orpela Mati has a tilting axle on the roller side and a suspended
axle at the rear. These systems help the chassis stay steady during work
on uneven surfaces, and improve the operator’s comfort when standing.
On the right-hand side of the operator there is a ‘control table’, where
buttons show up only when they are needed and in the appropriate
order, which makes it much easier to use for inexperienced operators.
This table enables the driver to program the machine’s control unit,
which can show the work route plan via GPS control, and then tell the
operator where to go, where he has been already, and how many times.
The Mati cab’s large expanse of laminated glass creates exceptional
visibility and noise resistance. The LED work lights use purpose-designed
reflectors to produce a large spread of light with high power.
Powered by fuel-cell, with electric motors and actuators, the Mati
is a slow and heavy machine, but one with a light appearance and an
elegant yet strong character. This is the result of its unique
proportions, the floating arm that holds the drum, the divided bonnet,
arms, cab and frame, and the contrast between the units.
Rotating cab for easy work both sizes,work efficency.
ORPELA MATI ergonomy seat and control unit,allows the operator release its body, by changing position.