Illustration to 2.5D (PS-to-C4D), incl. Making-of
Illustration to 2.5D / Photoshop-to-C4D
incl. Making-of / Case study
(testing PS-to-C4D workflow - for illustration)

Even though for parallax effect (using flat planes) After Effects is perfectly fine, sometimes a bit more ´intricate´/ complex ´geometry´ might be necessary (for the ´3D illusion´ to work best), so using a ´true´ 3D app might be a better option, in those cases.

While Maya users/animators already have some great texturing tools/plugins (actually, inspired by one of them, recently) - Cinema 4D users still need to do this in a bit more ´manual´ way (as far as I know) ..
But still - curious about what it takes - wanted to give it a try, too ..

This is actually just a pretty simple scene (flat planes, mostly) - but, there´s definitely some nice ´hidden´ potential in these 2.5D workflows .. (as already been proved by many others) - the characters could be splitted into more separate parts - for their own independent parallax moves - and/or even rigged for simple animation, and/or some standard Mograph or cinematic camera ´effects´ could be applied, eventually, etc..
(Maybe next time - some day -
I´ll add some more action to the scene, too ..
still learning C4D myself ..)
In this project - I only used some very basic C4D workflows (basic modelling / simple texturing / simple camera projections) combined with Photoshop layers with transparency (used for textures ´cutouts´), basically.

Design / character design / illustration (incl. custom PS brushes) / & C4D 2.5D setup by me ..

Making-of / Case study
Character (quick concept sketch / design / development)
Style / Look development
Assets creation (Photoshop)
25D scene setup (C4D)

Aliens / Character design - quick/rough concept sketching ..
Aliens (and their environment .. ) style / look development 
Photoshop brushwork / brush tests ..
For the ´vegetation´ I used an old custom brush of mine, that I actually created many years ago (from a photograph I then took) ..
Now came in pretty handy ..
(Some more info / old brush experiments of mine here: )
Assets creation & optimalization for Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D - basic scene setup
Bringing Photoshop assets / illustrations into C4D as materials & applying to basic geometry (simple primitive objects, flat planes mainly) ..
.. with a few exceptions
(spheres for the planets and/or some slight mesh adjustments / retopo for the main hero character) .. 

Illustration to 2.5D (PS-to-C4D), incl. Making-of

Illustration to 2.5D (PS-to-C4D), incl. Making-of

Turning an illustration into 2.5D (Photoshop-to-Cinema4D), incl. making of