A project done for the University. We chose the Urban Tribe "Geeks".
It was a group work, we developed the idea of all the likes of a Geek in the poster, and decided to do a series, with the main themes associated with geeks.
I developed the visual aswer for our problem, and made the base layout, with the movies poster, were later, each member of the group aded the icons for their respective theme (Games/RPG, Anime/Manga and Comics).
The colors and icons used were a group decision.
The visual aswer: Based in our research, we knew that the geeks usually like to share their knowledge, and also gather more knowledge. So that's why all the icons are getting out / getting into his backpack.
Art done by me (Mariana Lopes)
Art modified by Andre Kamehama
Art modified by Débora Neves
Art modified by Vanessa Gomez