Awwwards Annual - Website
Awwwards recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world. It is a place where design professionals from across the globe meet and find inspiration, impart knowledge and experience, connect and share respectful, constructive critiques. Mandated by Awwwards to create the voting platform for the 2018 Awwwards Annual, Locomotive resolved to make the project very user-friendly and stand out as an experience in itself.

Locomotive collaborated with Jade Dalloul, creator of the original 3D art scenes inspired by still life art, which illustrated each of the 13 voting categories: Agency Of The Year, Website Of The Year, Mobile Of The Year, etc. For connexion and validation purposes, the voting platform was connected to the Awwwards API, to access secure user credentials. Other data was requested and pushed by the API to populate the voting experience such as the nominee card and the voting in real-time.

Project Management — Daniel Savouyaud & Geneviève Levert  / Creative Direction — Frédéric Marchand & Louis Paquet / 
Art Direction — Louis Paquet / Front-end Development — Quentin Hoché, Deven Caron & Jeremy Minié / Back-end Development — Joel Alphonso

Awwwards Annual - Website