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One Sheet design for an upcoming movie entitled 'Burning From The Inside'
Burning From The Inside Movie Poster
I was recently commissioned by UK film director Nic Auerbach to produce a poster for his upcoming film, Burning From The Inside. Designing a poster for a film you haven't seen is always tough but Nic was a great client, offering advice, opinions and guidance throughout the process.
The final poster aims to convey the idea of a female lead character, who is emotionally burning with rage from the inside out. The movie is set in London, not long after the summer riots of 2012. This location is referenced through the abstract eye brow shape. The colours are also carefully selected to emphasize a city on fire.
Some initial ideas are shown below. When designing a poster I will often go through the process of quickly mocking up some options for a client using Illustrator to get some quick comps down on paper. This helps the client see some ideas really quickly without me spending a lot of time on refining an idea.