Spire - Website
Spire, a satellite manufacturer on the cutting edge of development, was founded in 2012 and is a growing start-up with headquarters in San Francisco. Spire owns a constellation of satellites in low orbit and maintains 24/7 coverage of the entire planet with operations all over the world. Spire's mission is to use nano-satellites to change the way we gather data about our planet, and put this information into the hands of those who will have the biggest positive impact.

Locomotive’s mandate was to create a sharp new website that would reflect Spire's technological advances while making it more engaging, user-friendly, and descriptive. A wide assortment of subtle animation and micro-interactions help immerse the user in a space-like environment. The site channels users within specific industries through specific case studies. Promoting Spire’s unique approach to space data intelligence, Locomotive distinguished its client from the competition and helped establish Spire as the top solution for business and government.

Project Management — Louise Philipovitch
Creative Direction & Strategy —  Dust™ Leblanc
Art Direction — Dust™ Leblanc
Design — Dust™ Leblanc & Louis Paquet
Front-end Development — Jérémy Minié
Back-end Development — Joël Alphonso

Spire - Website
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