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It's finished! View the video below, or if click it to go to the main vimeo page to view in HD goodness!
Below that are still the progress shots, I'll be adding a making-of video shortly.
Here are some progress shots of a short I am currently making, release date early May.
Project is heavily 3d based with some live action shots and integration.
Decided to make 3d text in Maya for the title, a bit more than 24 hours to go!
Stillshot of animation in progress.  Created in Autodesk Maya, composited in After Effects.
3d Earth Created in Autodesk Maya.  Post in Photoshop
Closeup of polluted Earth with crop experimentation.  Autodesk Maya, 8k maps.
Control Room 
95% done crypod scene.  Used the 'endless hallway' trick using two mirrors to cut render time and poly count.
Un-textured ship
Ship wing texture test.  Autodesk Maya and Mental Ray.