Galaxy S10 - Polish Premiere

We had created multimedia visual content for the Polish premiere of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The set design was created from moving LED screens behind which there was a transparent LED curtain where the orchestra was playing.

The event was divided into 3 part with different styles:
• The History of Samsung Galaxy (dynamic assembly of selected Galaxy ads)
• Galaxy Orchestra Show (black and white abstract animations in minimalistic form) 
• Samsung Galaxy S10: Specifications and Features (colorful and energetic with live beatbox)

Stills from the motion design.
Photos from the event.


Design & Animation: Piloci Studio
Notch VFX: Piloci Studio
LED Animation: Piloci Studio
Client: Samsung
Executive Producer: Brave Agency
Event Director: Szymon Łosiewicz
Multimedia: TSE
Video coverage during event: Grzegorz Jakubowski (2Vision)
Venue: Hala Gwardii, Warsaw

Piloci Studio Team:

CEO/ Art Director: Hubert Kaszycki
Production Director: Bernard Wójcik
CG Artists: Bernard Wójcik, Eugeniusz Sinicyn, Katarzyna Drozd
Motion Graphics Artists: Patryk Zimończyk, Amadeusz Ferduła, Artur Kiraga
Notch VFX Designers: Tomasz Liszkowski, Andrzej Tomaszewski
Creative Director: Adam Nyk

Galaxy S10 - Polish Premiere