As creators of design spaces, Home Société want to inspire their customers and assist them in finding their comfort and personal style. They believe that furniture is made for self-expression. It's a collective that celebrates individuality. A hub where people with a shared passion for tasteful living can be inspired and fulfilled. In collaboration with Paprika, Home Société mandated Locomotive to create a digital experience that reflects the brand's refined vision and aesthetic.

The new website speaks mostly to distributors, but will also appeal to direct customers. It's a single destination to showcase the whole line of brands under Home Société's banner. A website that relies on a simple design, beautiful typography and rich animations to seduce potential distributors and customers. A horizontal scrolling effect brings a new dimension to the interface that allows the user to browse through the brand proposition in one big scroll experience.

Project Management — Maxime Moulin / Creative Direction — Louis Paquet & Louis Gagnon / Art Direction — Louis Paquet & Fanny Roy / 
Brand Design — Sébastien Paradis / Front-end Development — Quentin Hocdé / Back-end Development — Dominique Lord

Home Société - Website