Carbon beauty - Website
Carbon Beauty offers the best products available online in the skin care and beauty market. It was founded upon the idea that customers deserve a better platform to explore and purchase beauty products from. They want to educate their customers while keeping things simple and honest.

The visual direction created by Locomotive enhances the brand’s visual identity and highlights each of its products using a magazine-style grid supported by rhythmic and fluid animation. The addition of new features, such as the ability to create campaigns based on a specific theme or time period, gives the administrator the opportunity to enliven the site by promoting specific collections or products throughout the year.

Project Management — Jean-François Chainé & Genevieve Levert
 Creative Direction — Frederic Marchand
Art Direction, Design and Strategy — Dust™ Leblanc
Front-end Development — Pier-Luc Cossette 
Back-end Development — David Boissonnault

Carbon beauty - Website
Multiple Owners
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