Galaxy UNPACKED 2018 2H

Set, Props & Costume

In August 2018, Sila Sveta produced the spectacular global debut presentation of the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, the Galaxy Watch, and the Galaxy Home smart speaker by Samsung Electronics — the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer.

Setup consisted of two massive LED screens installed in the center of the Barclays arena. One of them was positioned on the ground, the other one was installed upright but oriented perpendicular to the first. Additional LED screens were staged on the stadium balconies. We also utilized the existing jumbotron monitor — the venue’s key central display.

Presented at Brooklyn, New York’s Barclays Center as part of Samsung’s annual Galaxy Unpacked event, Sila Sveta’s contribution featured sleek and captivating product visuals bookended by dazzling opening and closing sequences.

When we unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy device, we used macro shots to bring
its unparalleled design into focus.

Art Director Arthur Kondrashenkov
Producer Anastasia Lepikhova
Supervisor Sergey Akulyonok
Executive Producers Alexey Rozov, Alexander Us
Production Director Mikhail Dadaev
CG Artists Inna Savina, Vasily Shikhachevskiy, Ilya Samokhvalov, Sergey Dvoryashin, Yaroslav Svyatykh, Vsevolod Kanishchev, Zoya Kharakoz, Andrey Kuznetsov, Arthur Kondrashenkov, Lizaveta Romanova,
Daria Shurkina
Music and Sound Design Monoleak (LSD — “Thunderclouds”)
Filming and Editing Evgeny Arkhipov

Galaxy UNPACKED 2018 2H