Here are some fresh vectors.
I don't want to overload this page, so please refer to my blog posts for more info about pictures. You can find sketches, close ups and description there.
All works are 100% vector graphics drawn in Illustrator and Flash.
Magazine covers are fictional.
Turbo Monster
Check my blog for sketches and details: 
Gun (War Punk 2013)
Check my blog for sketches and details:
Octopus Pink
Check my blog for sketches and details:
Funky Robot
This original image is used for the artwork of Awesomatic band debut album.Details and close ups are here:
Here is work in progress
This is my first work drawn entirely in Flash without Illustrator tricks.
Flashback Disco
Artwork for the series of dj sets by Godzilla Groove 
Der Titan
This one was drawn for the cool project.
Illustration was made in 2013, but  lettering added just few days ago.