The 8” OLED table mirror adapts the technology of Bio-inspired LED panel in an innovative manner. In this way, the Amiro Forbidden City can be used indoors and is capable of illuminating all portions of the face very well. A blue light filter protects the user’s eyes. The design dispensed with any redundancies, resulting in a very reduced appearance based on the principles of Zen philosophy

AMIRO Forbidden City is an LED mirror designed with Chinese classical aesthetics. It is hoped that through the cooperation of Chinese technology products and aesthetic culture, it aims to attract young people's attention, stimulate their interest in their own culture, industry, technology and brand, and encourage everyone to use Chinese technology to create and develop new products and new possibilities

2019 Reddot Design Award   &   2017 IDEA Finalist

Ancient Chinese Culture Redesign

AMIRO Forbidden City aims to convey the value of culture plus technology. More and more Chinese young people worship European and American culture, Japanese and Korean cultures lack the understanding of Chinese culture. At the same time, Chinese young people also pursue foreign products very much. Foreign technology has neglected the rise of their own country. The cognition of technology brands, collaborative mirror products hope to attract young people's attention and stimulate their interest in their own culture, industry, technology and brand through the cooperation of Chinese technology products and aesthetic culture, and encourage everyone to use Chinese technology and culture to create and Develop new products, new possibilities

Universal Pattern Design
When using Chinese classical aesthetics to design artifacts, it is very particular about the choice of patterns. The precision of the pattern determines the status of the owner, collection of the royal family is often the most delicate pattern container, and also the most difficult container to produce; the meaning of the pattern determines where the owner places it, show a certain spiritual sustenance. Nowadays, with the advancement of high-precision technology, ordinary users can also possess the artifacts that royal family can enjoy, and the noble aesthetics of life brought by the artifacts. This design, selected the “Ba Bao" pattern, not only brought the lifestyle to general users, but also the stability, brightness and beauty implied meaning.

Extended Package

In the gift box, a 7-fold absorbing magnifying glass, a makeup brush, a custom-made scroll-type pen bag, and the exclusive limited edition serial number of the Forbidden City are presented. Provide more convenience for users' use and collection

Thoughtful Details

For better using experience, we encourage users to extend their using scenarios. Therefore, we designed removable plates to easily carry in a suitcase; we also designed a big base plate to save table space and store makeup/skincare products. The Spinning mechanism allows 0-60 degree adjustment to fit in different table and human heights.

This is
AMIRO x Forbidden City

Design Leader 

Chief Design Officer of AMIRO

Team Member

Pinxuan LIU
Wenjing LIU
Zhilong CHENG
Xinjun ZHANG

AMIRO x Forbidden City