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Gente - Book of internet search engine poetry

This was the first book I published, whilst living in Brazil in 2016. It's a compilation of poems created from Google search engine results. I presented the book as being a collaborative effort with all the users of Google Br, highlighting that each poem was a product of the users collective searches.
Here - Small book made with tracing paper

This was a small piece I made as part of the Literary Theory course I undertook during my undergraduate. Having become interested in the ideas of Jacques Derrida and how his idea of deconstruction can be applied to translation theory, I focused on his notion of the 'traces' of language, the idea that one sign in a given language is generated from the difference it has from other signs, and that each contains a trace of what it does not mean.

To visually represent this, I put one of Derrida's quotes, 'The question of deconstruction is through and through, a question of translation' through every language in google translate, mapping out the way language literally deconstructs and shifts due to each sign's traces. I printed this sequence on tracing paper and made it into a concertina book in which the reader can see through each translation onto the subsequent one.

Ljos -  An installation and performance 

Working in collaboration with the artist Ane Lopez, we both sought to create a space in which we could explore the emotional sense of the sublime we had both encountered whilst working in Iceland. The installation consisted of a darkened room, with a video and sound recording of the Dettifoss waterfall projected on to a transparent screen. Having positioned ourselves behind the black screen lining one of the walls, only our hands were visible for the duration of the perfomance. 

Photography by John Sandblom 
Temer - A Short Video Book

This was a short film I made whilst working as a camera assistant for the artist Ane Lopez in Iceland in 2017. As an entry for the Video-Livro competition put out by the Camões Institute, I filmed myself carving the word 'Temer,' PT 'fear' (also the name of the then Brazilian president partly responsible for the unconstitutional impeachment of the former president, Dilma Rousseff) in the side of the glacier with volcanic ash. The sound consists of myself reading Augusto de Campos' Concrete Poetry Manifesto. For this piece I won the first place at university level entry to the competition.

The full video can be accessed via this link:  
Four Poems - An audio interpretation of a series of concrete poems

Three of these pieces, created in collaboration with the writer and visual artist Steve Rigley, consider how digital technologies might expand the horizons of concrete poetry from literacy and print towards the sensory and experiential. Exploring both sound and typography compositions, each piece references an associated creative field that has been liberated and redefined through the introduction of powerful new tools. 

The audio files alongside the poems can be accessed via this link: 

Photography by Ane Lopez
Tintinnabuli - A multi-media poetry collection

This is a collection of haiku's composed from fragments of praise written for Arvo Pärt from multiple different sources online. Each Haiku was then placed through a software which converts text into music scores. Finally, I designed a mobile app that uses an augmented reality engine, allowing the reader to scan the haiku, triggering a recording of each music score.

Aulas da Lispector - A lyrical essay 

This is a lyrical essay that combines poetic prose, photography and alternative translation exercises, reflecting on language acquisition, the literature of Clarice Lispector and the influence of her work both on my writing and my acquisition of Portuguese. 
And No More Being Outdoors, And No More Rain -  Photography and Poetry Collection 

This is a collection of poems I made by deconstructing and recreating Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems. Having created new versions to reflect the process of buying a supermarket 'meal deal', I then purchased a selection of items from a supermarket, cut the poems up and placed them inside the food, before resealing the packets and putting them back on the supermarket shelves, leaving literal lunch poems for the next customer to purchase without knowing.
Piecing Together the Self from Fragments of Selves

This is a small memoir with photographs produced for my undergraduate dissertation in creative writing. Each chapter centres on a different person I met whilst living in Brazil, some being friends, others people I met whilst hitchhiking. Each chapter opens with a fragmented photograph, with the pieces removed being used for the front cover, inviting the reader to piece together the pictures as they move through the text.
Series of National Geographic Posters

This is one example from a project I undertook whilst living in Brazil. Noticing the lack of media coverage for much of the environmental destruction occurring in the Amazon Rainforest, I designed my own magazine front covers with fictional accounts from a selection of different animals found in the Amazon Region. Having made the covers, I placed them in magazine racks around the city, hoping for them to be noticed and read by the city's inhabitants.
40,000 - Conceptual book made for the Glasgow based art collective, Double Take. 

A book of 40,000 printed fingers in response to the prompt of a 'journey', produced during my participation in the Glasgow based art collective, Double Take. The work responds to the fact that every year, 40,000 fingers are either cut off or crushed within the cluster of factories along the Pearl River Delta in China. Beyond the obvious allusion to a breach of human rights with labourers overworked on dangerous construction lines, this statistic feels all the more sinister when read on an Iphone, scrolling down the screen with an index finger.
Agorafobia - Concrete Poem

From a collection of concrete poems, this piece plays on the Portuguese words 'agora' (now), 'Eu' (I), 'Euforia' (Euphoria) and 'Fobia' (phobia).
They're Just Children - One piece from a collection of distorted poetry 

Poem inspired by Fredric Jameson's notion of a schizophrenic language breakdown, typed on a typewriter and placed through a scanner to create a visual distortion.

Pure Sound - Traversing the Ambient Vernacular 

A Lyrical Essay and Sonic Performance, produced in collaboration with Maria Sledmere.

Pure Sound: Traversing the Ambient Vernacular comprises an experimental audio-lyric essay which weaves together original prose-poetic sequences (performed live with two speakers) with digitally-edited field recordings taken from various European cities in June 2019. Taking its cue from Lisa Robertson’s term ‘ambient vernacular’, Pure Sound follows its narrator’s frustrated attempts to seek ‘authentic’ sound amid the din of late-capitalist urban space. Attending to the situational nuance of a present-tense thickened by urban density and midsummer heat wave, Pure Sound hones in on the unnoticed, fugitive noises that characterise the procedures of everyday travel and encounter. Taking as its central motif the public piano found in train stations, Pure Sound gestures towards points of sonic contact between street performance, transport, commercial space, tourism and infrastructure.

For the accompanying text, contact 
Back of a Napkin Theory  - Collection of Haikus Published by Terramoto Press

These twenty haikus, each focusing on one of the breakthrough technologies of the past two years as outlined by MIT, are designed to offer hinting images, not explanations. Restricted both in their poetic form, as well as by the physical space of the napkin, the piece seeks to highlight the difficulty of comprehending the seemingly innumerous contemporary technologies that continue to shape the world we live in.

The designer of the collection, Nuno Pires, is the founder and chief editor of the Glasgow based publisher, Terramoto.  
Max Parnell - Portfolio

Max Parnell - Portfolio


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