March work
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    Small selection of my works of the month of Mars.

Context of "duty" : He comes back a home, he istired after a very busy working day. The door of the entrance slamswhen he hears : " Darliiiiiing ?! Please, bring the photographeroutside to shoot. It was my turn yesterday it is your now... Don't betoo long, he took nothing at all today it begins hard to hold him !!"...

Contexte : Ilrentre fatigue après une journée de travail bien chargée. La porte del'entrée claque un peu en se refermant lorsqu'il entend : "Mon chéri ?!tu sortiras faire shooter le photographe ? J'y suis allé hier c'est tontour ... Traine pas trop, il a rien prit de la journée j'arrive plus ale tenir !!" ...

9. { draughtboard }