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    Illustrations and paintings for the book "Le Ritz Paris. Une histoire de cocktails" published by La Martinière Editions
Le Ritz Paris. Une histoire de cocktails
Book published by La Martinière Editions
Text : Colin Peter Field / Illustrations : Sophie Varela / Preface : Kate Moss
Release Date (France) : 14th of October 2010
160 pages / Format : 21*21 cm

This is the french version of the book realized in collaboration with Colin Peter Field, the Head Bartender of the Bar Hemingway.
The english version of the book « The Ritz Paris : Mixing drinks, a simple story » is also regularly available at the Ritz Paris.

The following  illustrations and paintings are extracted from the book Ritz Paris, une histoire de cocktails - copyright Les Editions de la Martinière, 2010.
Here are some selected pictures of the realized  book .