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Firmado Por
Firmado Por
Editorial illustration

Illustrations made for the blog of Firmado Por ( It is a spanish law consultancy specialised in Intellectual Property and Author's Rights. 

Firmado Por as a legal consultancy aims to have a different tone, open and transparent. Closer to the world of creativity. 

The blog is the place to indulge a bit, seek for a fresher edge and stay away from the typical seriousness of a legal business. We opted for developing a cartoony illustration style, using characters and humanised objects. It allowed to create a playful tone for the illustrations and condense the concept of each blog post.

Choosing restricted colour palette (a bold fresh yellow and turquois-ish grey) helped to bring visual consistency on the website and create a striking contrast.

Client: Firmado Por
Date: 2018
Art Direction: José Domingo

Left to right: Moral Rights, Publishing Contracts, Translators' author´s rights.
Cession of Rights.
Left to right: News: the Digital tax, Horror Stories in Author's Rights 1. 
Left to right: Horror Stories in Author's Rights 2 & 3.
Horror Stories in Author's Rights Episode 4.
Left to right: How to Cease a Publishing Contract, Are Ideas Born or Made?
Left to right: There's more than one author, Robots Write Poems Too.
Blockchain Technology and Author's Rights.
Left to right: Photography as a Work of Art, Enemies of Creativity:Fear, Public Domain.
Left to right: Creativity Techniques: Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono, Creative Commons Licenses.
Left to right: The Author Rights of Employed Creators, David Lynch Creative Techniques: The Golden Fish.
Walt Disney Creative Techniques and Some Gossiping.
Left to right: Derivative Works, Money and Author's Rights
Left to right: Happy? Intellectual Property Day, Quoting Others
Author's Rights in the Classrooms
How it looks like on the site
Making of
A couple of videos showing the process of selected illustrations from the project.
Firmado Por

Firmado Por

Editorial illustrations for legal consultancy on intellectual property


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