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    A broken heart made out of made out of words in a form of typography, Rising a question "Why Love" in a very creative way.
Love Typography
"Why do you love?" by Thomas Horvath
The following piece is a typography design I had a chance to produce recently. It shows a classical use of letters which form an object of some kind of sort. However comparing to other typography works that repeat the sentences over and over, this one is made out of different words which may form sentences and may make sense to you and even may have an inner meaning for you.

The piece "Love Typography" is based on experiences I personally went through and mostly experiences and memories of people I know. I believe every single person looking at this design, could actually find some word or sentence that may be related to an experience they had or know someone who did.

Enough with the words, hopefully the design will explain for itself. Nice and simple.

I Hope you enjoy my typography design, it was my first attempt at typography in whole. I'm open to suggestions and creative commentary, Criticism and so on. I'd love to improve on my work. :)
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