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    Personal Identity, Portfolio & Business Cards
Personal branding seems to be the hardest and most constantly evolving project I have ever come across. I created this identity in 2011 upon the completion of my bachelors. 

I'm an extremely hands on creative and I look for any and every opportunity to get away from the computer and build something. I saw an opportunity to use my portfolio itself to showcase my passion for building/materials to potential employers. Design is only half the battle, the other half is creating an output for it that will actually engage people to interact and remember it.

For this project I printed on an uncoated stock to encourage touch. I also really wanted to showcase branding as my strong point so each identity is placed on a blank white page with a black page to the left of it that is actually covered in a matte vinyl. Once again, I used the vinyl to encourage touch and offset the logo adjacent it. The cover of the book was engraved on a CNC machine and the symbol was cut from a wood grain vinyl and placed ontop of the metal. The wood grain vinyl is carried throughout the book on the inside cover and backside page/cover. I used the wood because I wanted to show that I am a sustainably conscious designer and that is a priority for me. Vinyl itself isn't necessarily a sustainable material, but when asked why I chose to use vinyl it creates an opportunity to start sharing with potential employers about my passion for sustainable design without being too pushy or cliche. Also, the grain in the vinyl really draws you in to touch it to see if it's actually real or not. The entire book is held together by a canvas spine and chicago screws. There are multiple layers to the spine so the book can be added to.

I created business cards that mirrored my book. That way if a potential employer fell in love with the book, they had a little piece of it to hold onto. I really wanted to create something that would be remembered.

The final size of the book is 12 x 14"