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    My entry for the Puffin & Penguin 2013 design award.
Puffin- The Wind In The Willows
I looked to produce an atmospheric portrayal of Kenneth Grahame's riverbanks in spring. Aiming to use the landscape as the front and back of the cover, which depicts a select few of the key characters and landmarks mentioned in the book. Although less conceptual than other possibilities, it offers a warmth and atmosphere that I hope compliments the classic children's story in 2013.
Penguin- The Big Sleep
This cover was a conceptual approach to Raymond Chandler's crime novel. The hands shuffling the cards form the key female character of the story in the negative space. Representing the gambling/ mystery of shuffled cards. On the back sits Marlowe casting the shadow of a knight which was inspired by one of the stories key quotes " I looked down at the chessboard. The move with the knight was wrong. I put it back where I had moved it from. Knights had no meaning in this game. It wasn't a game for knights.