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Centralais Food Court branding
Centrālais Gastro Tirgus represents open kitchen concept, all places cook right in front of guests’ eyes and offer different kitchen styles. More than 20 different kiosks and two bars offer wide variety of Latvian traditional food, international bestsellers and drinks. 
Centrālais Gastro Tirgus is located in Riga Central market – truly historical and significant place.
​​​​​Art direction & Design: Sergio Laskin
3d modeling: Andrey Porin
Photography: Sergio Laskin, Sergey Hudabasjan
Videography: Sergey Hudabasjan
Editing: Valery Dozorceva
Pdf presentation: PDF
Rīgas Centrāltirgus is Europe’s largest market and bazaar in Riga, Latvia.

It is one of the most notable structures from 20th century in Latvia and has been included in UNESCO World Heritage Site list together with Old Riga in 1998.
It was planned from 1922 and built from 1924 to 1930. The main structures of the market are five pavilions constructed by reusing old German Zeppelin hangars and incorporating Neoclassicism and Art Deco styles.

Currently, due to the rise of supermarkets, the market is showing similar trends and is seen as a cheap shopping place in Riga.

Animated illustrations served us as first social teaser content. 
Without having any interior renders or food photo animations helped us to explain upcoming project.

The most challenging part of the work was to come up with more then 20 different design concepts. Done!

Design: Sergio Laskin
Photography: Sergio Laskin & Sergey Hudabasjan
Rendering: Andrew Porin

To get the idea of a space - we had to make renders as a preparation stage.
After receiving architectural renders - it was time to start the work!
After finishing all the designs - it was time to make dream come true!


“Tempura @Centralais is Japanese classic values, Asian Street Food bestsellers and our Chef exclusive recipes. Different dough preparing technologies keeps products’ best qualities therefore making toothsome and rich dishes.


Cheese – is the secret ingredient for many world cuisines. We love cheese so much, that we do not have any special dish, they all are the best. We play around with cheese and change our menu according to season. “Siernīca” offers cheese degustation, hot dishes, for example fondie, cheese starters and other cheese joy.


RAV Burger secret is diligent work, for the last year and a half on the ideal RAV Burger formula worked all Resto-Rātors Chefs. Handmade patties are made from marble beef meat, the ageing process lasts at least for 21 days. To gain the ideal taste, more than 50 types of meat had been tasted from different countries.


YAKI major weapon is Japanese grill – teppan. Our team creativity has no boundaries – yakisoba noodles, okonomiyaki pancakes, different grill-varieties, Chef breakfast and others dishes you will not meet anywhere in Latvia.


Chicken is the popular Latvian dish and HATCH takes care that various chicken good are come-at-able. Rich chicken wings, nuggets, strips, crunchy breaded chicken legs and everything with selected spices. HATCH surprises even a foodie and, maybe, at our place you will find the best chicken dishes.


NAMA is sushi bar that offers the best quality fresh fish, accuracy, traditional sand new roll wave, nigiri and sashimi. NAMA uses only specially selected fish and suppliers


B’owl – as an owl is wise and clever. Fibres, proteins, carbohydrates. Create your own bowl! Every dish here is special as you can make it as you wish, or you can trust the Chef and have a prepared combination.

Photography & Videography

No one can imagine restaurant or food court without food photography and videography.
Even before the Centralais has started it’s operation – we started to tell a story. Visual story. What better speaks for the concept then tasty and desirable food?
Thank you for scrolling till the very end! This is the biggest project for our agency so far, that's why we would love to hear any comments from Behance community!
Centralais Food Court branding

Centralais Food Court branding

Branding, packaging, photography, 3d rendering, web design for the first food court in Latvia - Centrālais.