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    Produtcts for the segment "Home" from the clothing label Farm, in Brazil.
Fashion brand from Rio de Janeiro

Farm is a fashion brand from Rio de Janeiro, targeted on young women. It has over 20 retail stores spread out throughout Brazil. About eight years ago, Farm launched a new segment named Linha Home, offering everyday products in a colorful and customized way. From 2007 until 2009 I was the designer for this division. At the beginning, it was an internship, and after 8 months it became a full time job, with the responsability for the conception, the creation of patterns and the production of those items.
Layout of the products in a Farm shop in Rio de Janeiro. Photos from

Before the product reaches the sailing point, there is a research process, color-mixing definition, search for suppliers, budget organization and prototype confection. All products must be approved in regular meetings with the Farm style management.

Here a selection of these products divided by collection:
Summer 2008
Summer 2009
Winter 2009
Summer 2010