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Get8 is engaged in automation of sales and marketing, they are a major amoCRM integration partner.
For a long time, the project team was focused on internal development. When all the nuances of the product were honed, they decided to make global changes.

Get8 switched its focus to marketing and promotion. And the first thing they paid attention to was design, cause it is necessary for the company to be recognizable during any promotional activities: from targeted advertising to events.

Previously, the company had a logo written in simple type, it looked like this:
Old Get8 logotype

Our task was to develop a functional corporate identity that will be convenient to use for any needs and will highlight Get8 among direct competitors.
The design should be technologically advanced and modern.

The logo consists of a font and a graphic part - it is more convenient cause you can use both of them or only use a sign.
There is also a "8" symbol that can be used separately - when the whole logo cannot be applied.

Get8's main focus is sales and marketing automation. It is an ongoing process, a cycle. Therefore, in the logo we use a sign of infinity as a symbol of automation:

Corporate identity
Logo is important, but corporate identity and elements are even more important. They can help the brand to be easy learned and memorized.

Shades are the colors of a magnet, a hint that the project helps its customers to attract new orders and sales:

Сorporate font - Montserrat - minimalistic and convenient:

Here you can see a non-standard use of design forms. This flash drive can be realized as a gift to customers:

When you have your own style, it’s easy to make any thing special, even a simple black T-shirt:
Stickers - they can be pasted on a computer, phone or envelope with documents:

With a corporate identity you can easily brand an office with minimal investment - just with print posters, for instance:
An example of a website main page for Get8:

The new GET8 design in real life
Get8 launched a new corporate identity very quickly:
Get8 team
If you have no corporate identity, any activity, from marketing to events will be a real stress for your team. Each trifle will need to be ordered separately, constantly be confronted with the questions: “Do we have a vector logo?”, “Is where a layout of a business card?”, etc.

When you have a corporate style, it is not necessary to have an army of designers or to spend a lot of time and money developing some new identity carriers every time.

“Get8 is participating in dozens of offline events in major cities of the country, so it was an important task for us to achieve recognition and distinction of the brand. From a practical point of view, we have received standardization of visual design,  souvenirs, high-quality photo and video content that helps us to conduct social networks.

Now for each series of events we add a new media, for example, branded power banks and luminous screens, based on the corporate style, as on the platform. This saves our energy and time for preparation”. - said Alexandra Tereshchenko, founder of Get8.

This case is a good reminder that well-designed corporate identity helps to conduct any activity faster and save money.

Thank you for your attention and good luck with your projects!

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"Get8" specializes in the automation of the sales and marketing departments. The company develops an internal infrastructure for its clients ' c Read More