36 Days of Type // Imaginary Islands
36 Days of Imaginary Islands

A for Amaranthopia

Population: 5,863
Language: Amaranish
Attraction: Spider Stream

B for Beigeing

Population: 537
Language: Beigeish
Attraction: Skiing at the beach

C for Cottoncandiland

Population: 644
Language: Cottish
Attraction: Candied Photo-ops

D for Denimdale

Population: 5,64,83,912
Language: Jeanglish
Attraction: Bell bottomed housing

E for Earthonia

Population: 72
Language: Earthy
Attraction: All day streaming

F for Fernation
Population: 752
Language: Florish
Attraction: Broccoli Housing

G for Goldilocks

Population: 79
Language: Aureus
Attraction: Gold foil tents and Cherry-topped mountains

H for Hot Pinkotopia

Population: Cosmopolitan
Language: Pinklish
Attraction: Cocktail Housing

I for Indigonia

Population: 17,54,948
Language: Indie
Attraction: Main Stream

J for Jasminenia

Population: 9876
Language: Jasmini
Attraction: Walking trees

K for Kumquasia

Population: 127
Language: Kumqu
Attraction: Flower Power

L for Lavendale

Population: 4,32,785
Language: Lavish
Attraction: Birthday Volcakeno

M for Muskat

Population: 25,432
Language: Teslon
Attraction: Tesla ball power plants

N for New Mailta

Population: 63
Language: Variable
Attraction: Message-in-a-bottle Beach

O for Oughnut

Population: 45,39,26,291
Language: Sweetish
Attraction: Sprinkles Beach

P for Polka Pondicherrie

Population: 56,849
Language: Polkish
Attraction: Trypophobia inducing ponds
Q for Quick Silveria

Population: 35,267
Language: Acnean
Attraction: Pimple Peaks
R for Regalton

Population: 153
Language: Regalion
Attraction: Lollipop Grass
S for Sangri-La

Population: 64,937
Language: Tipsish
Attraction: Wine soaked apple orchards

T for Tomatina

Population: 876
Language: Tamzeto
Attraction: Real juicy toma-toes

U for Ultramarina Bay

Population: 53,96,39,292
Language: Fishy
Attraction: No homosapiens

V for Vanilla Iceland

Population: 53,344
Language: Swirliri
Attraction: Cupcake Homes

W for Watermelonia

Population: 89,45,32,100
Language: Seedish
Attraction: Green Dams

X for Xraytonia

Population: 11,11,000
Language: Chemist
Attraction: Flask Homes

Y for Yellohanka

Population: 12,34,56,789
Language: Vangoghian
Attraction: People

Z for Zinnwalditia

Population: 100
Language: Zincy
Attraction: Mushy rooms


36 Days of Type // Imaginary Islands

36 Days of Type // Imaginary Islands

My take on the annual Insta-famous 36 Days of Type


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