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    My tv advertising book or at least, what i like the most.
Book T.V.
Sólo comerciales de T.V.
Golpes para Icy Hot.
Launching campaign for Icy Hot (injury painkiller) using a local famous boxer. The creative approach is that people is used to see him over the ring with the gloves on and sweating. Well, we decided to show his "human" side, the normal one, his particular daily life.
Copy: Life also hits outside the ring.
Ódiame más para IcyHot.
Context: Follow up for the previus T.V. ad but we rely on the players of one of the most polarizing teams in Mexico. There are one of the most popular teams but they are also the most hated team by the supporters of the rest of the clubs.
Copy: Outside the pitch there´s also rivalry.
Tide Sachets.
Video Case for Tide to promote the new Tide to go in a relevant way within the mexican culture.
Disfraces para Toyota México.
El gol de todos para Toyota México.
Robbotoi para Toyota México.
Novela para Cruch para beber. (Nestlé)
Vecino para Crunch para beber. (Nestlé)
Vacas para Teptrapack.
Abducción para Tetrapack.
Pixeles para Cablevisión.