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Packaging Design

Originating in upland forests in Ethiopia, robusta grows indigenously in Western and Central Africa from Liberia to Tanzania and south to Angola. It was not recognized as a species of Coffea until 1897,over 100 years after Coffea arabica. It is also reportedly naturalized in Borneo, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Jamaica, and the Lesser Antilles. In 1927 a hybrid between robusta and arabica was found in Timor. This strain was subsequently used to breed rust-resistant plants.

Robusta is easier to care for and has a greater crop yield than C. arabica, so is cheaper to produce. Roasted robusta beans produce a strong, full-bodied coffee with a distinctive, earthy flavour, but usually with more bitterness than arabica due to their pyrazine content. Since arabica beans are believed to have a smoother taste with more acidity and a richer flavour, they are often considered superior, while the culture and processing of robusta has for a long time been neglected and focused on unwashed beans, resulting in a harsher taste. However, the powerful flavour can be desirable in a blend to give it perceived "strength" and "finish", noticeably in Italian coffee culture, and carefully processed, washed robustas can be superior in quality and provide a milder taste than some lower quality arabicas.

the illustration:
The objective was to develop a package with Angolan characteristics, from the farms where they produce the robust coffee in Angola. illustration was inspired by the African coffee plantations. We see in the picture plantations in the background, in front of the girl and inside the basket.
The image girl is working on the harvest, finishing another day of work with a serene countenance
and sense of accomplishment.

The illustrations were created entirely with the technique of nanking and digital painting, bringing a more artisan illustration and rescuing the entire culture of Angolan robust coffee.

Details were drawn, inspired by Angolan fabrics and textures, to represent the culture

Art Director: Raphael Iglesias
Design Team: Raphael Iglesias e Studio Arth
Artist 3D: Julio Cezar Pires
Client: Ouro Negro Cafe
Location: Angola
Project: Packaging Design
Year: 2019

Contact: design@raphaeliglesias.com

Ouro Negro Cafe