Google Shopping Imagery
Launched as a pilot project in the United States and France, the imagery for the new version of Google Shopping has been entrusted to Montreal photographer Virginie Gosselin at Zetä Production. Nearly 100 photos and 4 animations have been created. Light and shadow are at the heart of the imagery. They give depth to the objects and accentuate the geometric shapes of the set developed by the artistic directors, Rodrigo Sergio and Camille Boyer. The mandate given to Virginie Gosselin and her associates was first to create monochrome images associating each product category with a colour. In a second step, the team would produce a themed series of images that could be used on various occasions (back-to-school, change of season, etc.) and combine different colours.


Google Visual Lead Design Brendan Callahan
Google Art Director Steve Czech
Google Producer Wendy George
Production Patricia Doss, Zetä Production
Photography Virginie Gosselin
Art Direction and Set Design Camille Boyer and Rodrigo Sergio
AD Assistants Camille Bégin, Evelyne Morin, Camille Barrantes, Audrey St-Laurent, Léa Cadieux, Sergio Gudino, Juliette Leblanc
Photo Assistants Mathieu Guérin, Audrey McMahon, Don Loga
Digital Assistant Stephane Losq
Photo Retouching Visual Box
Tech Decor Luigi Fortin
Making of video Raphaëlle Rousseau and Simon 'Ronny' Lebrun, Content Content
Google Shopping Imagery