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Linda Tedeschi
Socially Distorted

My primary inspiration has always been focused on the human form.  This was initiated by a family trip to Italy during my childhood.  Being surrounded by the works of the Renaissance masters has molded and shaped my work.  I have a BFA in printmaking, with minors in art history and graphic design from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1991. I continue to print  and exhibition as a member of Experimental Etching Studio, Boston. These bodies of work have evolved into what I call Socially Distorted.  The format and fantasy in which people co-exist into this society.  Commenting on their efforts to be accepted and admired. 

  I was born with a pencil in my hand. I could always render.  So I will often get lost in my own head and find a face I like (whether I know it or not) and  just do it.  Some of my greatest drawings come out automatically and quickly.  Once again, my subjects are almost always figurative, human or animal.

"Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy" cover of Vanity Fair Magazine- pencil
"Sophie & Livvy" pecil
"The Cardinal- Nuno Bettencourt" pencil
Nuno-- unfinished, pencil
Lion- reworked.  Etching on Zinc,
Original lion etchng on zinc, 1989
sketch from Jeremy's birthday party-- this turns into the woodcut, "alcohol & testosterone marinade"
Calinda- dancing on the beach. South Beach, Miami circa 1997
first sketch of the girls that turned into the Gossip series
Girls at the pool.  This image is used for the woodcut, "Can u believe she's wearing that?!"
Ron Hendry, 1971 - 1999. pencil
Ron Hendry, drypoint on plexi glass
Tomaras, South Beach, Miami-- pencil
Mermaids- not really about the beach- but the drawing started when I was on the beach- colored pencil on bristol board
the finished woodcut. South Beach
the initial sketch for the South Beach print
Tomaras on the beach- conte drawing on linoleum
Tomaras- finished linoleum cut
The first of the series, drypoint on plexi glass, 2000
The Communication Series-- I was feeling blue.. acrylic on canvas
Communications II, acrylic on canvas
Communication, acrylic on canvas
Red Skies at Night II - dry metallic pigments, acrylic on canvas
red skies at night- using dry metallic pigmants, acrylics on canvas
my new thing is dry metallic pigments that you add to paints and finishes. This is a small example- 6" x 6"- dry metallic pigment, acrylic on canvas.
Other work- random paintings and ideas...
"alcohol & Testosterone Marinade" color reduction linoleum print.
Myth America
Myth America-
Myth America-- my ode to my good friend and fellow artist, Jess Willis. This triptic of Jess also portrays her words fromt he script of the performance peice performed at UMASS Amherst, circa 1990.
Josephine- woodcut.
My good friend, the Lovely Diana as my muse...
Josephine II  - woodcut
Ron and the Tramp, acrylic on canvas, 2000
Solitude, acrylic on canvas, 1993
The Kiss- acrylic on canvas
Self portrait for BFA thesis exhibition. 4 color stone lithograph reduction. 1991
metallic pigments, acrylics and glazes on canvas, 2010
fine art portfolio

fine art portfolio

A collection of some of my art work.