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    EkoTable is a new website that allows consumers to find and shop from local producers of goods within their community.
 Join EkoTable to shop for goods made locally by artisans in your community
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You are ready for change. It’s time for a movement away from big brands and global commerce systems that are highly polluting and monopolize the economy. EkoTable provides the online source for you to find locally made items in your area, directly from the source.

Sell to consumers who have made a pledge to shop for your local goods by providing a place for them to easily find them online: EkoTable is your online store to increase business and form new client relationships.

If you  now, you will receive  The only fee you will ever have to pay is a 5% commission off of each item sold, which is extracted automatically at the time of sale.

RIGHT NOW is the time for you to realize the power of your dollar and purchase only locally made items. Sign up and start shopping on EkoTable to encourage local commerce.

EkoTable’s mission is to provide a supportive online environment for shopping locally; to make it easy for consumers to find producers and buy their goods. By selling items on this site, vendors are directly selling to the consumer who is passionate about keeping them in business.
Join the revolution today!

- - The EkoTable Team