Voro Burger
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Voro Bean’s Burger exists since 2015 with the purpose of spreading and changing the perception regarding vegetarian food. Ideal for any taste, Voro is dedicated to create hamburgers with the authentic’s bean flavor.

Challenge: The name Bean Burger, previously used by the brand, was not registrable in the Brazilian Intellectual Property Institute. Since the company plans to create franchises in the future, this would be a problem to achieve this goal. In addition, the visual identity was weak and generic, as well as not expressing the essence of the brand.

Solution: The brand-building project was essential to identify the essence of the business for enabling it to grow in the long run. As a result, we have created a new name, more aligned with the purpose of the brand, and a new visual identity with much more personality and strength.

Step 1

This immersion stage was composed of three pillars: internal analysis, consumer analysis and competition analysis. By collecting all this information, we were able to understand the context in which the Bean Burger brand was embedded and guide its owner in the decision-making process regarding the direction of his business, evaluating issues not only related to the brand and communication, but also product mix and people management.

Tools used:
•  In-depth interview with owner
  In-depth interview with collaborators
  In-depth interview with costumers
  Quantitative research with potential costumers
  Quantitative research with current costumers
  Analysis of the brand’s expression of competition
  Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company

Step 2

This stage was the moment to define the strategic pillars of the brand. The owner already had enough clarity about the identity and the desired positioning for the brand. We have developed some dynamics to help him identify the value proposition and personality that this brand would have.

Strategic Pillars of the Brand:
  Branding Goals
  Brand Identity
  Value Offer
  Brand Positioning
  Brand Personality
•  Brand Circle Tool

New Products Launch

During the research with costumers, in the Diagnosis Stage, we discovered two latent demands: new flavors and side dish for the burgers.

In the strategy stage, we realized that the launch of the new brand was the ideal time to comply with these consumer desires. The delivery of new products contributed to increase the brand value and also allow the growth of the average ticket and profitability through the "combo meal" version.

Step 3

As the brand strategy was aligned and coherent, the process of building the contact points was natural and fluid for the owner, since it was just a consequence of what the brand wanted to be. The elements of expression tangibilize this brand identity and personality.

Naming Process

The new name should express the essence and the positioning of the brand, besides being registrable in three different classes in the Brazilian Intellectual Property Institute, to ensure its integral protection. This process included generation of more than 150 names, analysis of spelling, pronunciation, sound and concept, domain verification, feasibility analysis of brand registration and perception research with the target audience.

The name chosen, Voro, comes from the Latin root meaning "who eats." So it does not matter if we are "omnivores," "herbivores," or "carnivores." It only matters that we are all "Voro". The pun refers to the positioning of the brand "ideal for any taste".

Visual Identity Process

The main guiding principles for the development of visual identity were the concepts of pure, handmade and close. We used several gestural graphic elements to reinforce these characteristics. The logo, symbol and illustrations were designed exclusively for the brand, exploring the organic and authentic flaws of freehand drawing. Even some phrases quoted by the clients themselves in the diagnostic interviews were used in the illustration. In the packaging, we chose kraft paper, whose rustic texture maintains consistency with these concepts.

Step 4:

The main objective of the management stage is to ensure consistency between all actions and brand contact points. Our challenge at this stage was to plan the launch and transition of Bean Burger to Voro, in order to minimize the impact that this change would have on the costumers. For this, we developed a plan of actions to align the implementation of all necessary modifications.

Research & Strategy: Camila Chisini e Paula Rego
Creative Director: Camila Chisini
Photo: Marina Godward
2018 | Brazil

Voro Burger

Voro Burger

Voro Bean’s Burger exists since 2015 with the purpose of spreading and changing the perception regarding vegetarian food. Ideal for any taste, Vo Read More