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Eka American Sauerkraut
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Eka American Sauerkraut is a fictional sauerkraut company based in Loa, Utah. Fermented cabbage is a popular food eaten all over the world regularly but for some reason America has a problem with sour flavors. It's too bad, because sauerkraut is tasty and full of health benefits. The people at Eka want to change that.
The brand's book cover
The Mission
Eka's mission is to share their love and craft of sauerkraut. America has exhausted the range of sweet and salty foods. It’s time to embark on a new journey, explore a new flavor and reap the health benefits of this translucent treasure.
An American Dream
The Values
-Welcome adventure and creativity.
-Promote good health so Americans can live their best lives – their American Dream.
-Encourage exploration and new thinking.

The Shirt
The Audience
This brand plays into a bit of nostalgia and blatant patriotism. It relies on the idea that the definition of Americanism and Patriotism are evolving to something more open minded/hearted than maybe 20 years ago. The people who are most likely to try sauerkraut are open minded and accepting of new things.
Stationery with three different business card fronts
Design Elements
The brand uses rigid elements for stability and familiarity. I like to think that there is something rebellious in reclaiming visual elements that are typically associated with a closed off type of American nationalism for something that is intended for a "crunchy" crowd that embraces diversity.
Additional brand elements. Could be used for a menu design or icons.
Basically the primary color palette
The Ads
The ad campaign is lighthearted and fun. It makes use of the brand's secondary colors. Jars of sauerkraut are personified to convey the messages of the ads. Bold flat colors keep things vibrant and straightforward.
The magazine ad
The street sign
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Eka American Sauerkraut

Eka American Sauerkraut

branding for a fictional American Sauerkraut company.


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