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    collage of probable selves
  • I talked to my friend about dreams, and he mentioned the words "Probable selves" and explained to me what it was:  "......probable selves?...good question.......the meaning is not time or space based....everything is happening now....even our reincarnational selves are happening now....our consciousness is connected to all consciousness and all possibility....and it's in the realm of all possibility that there's probable selves existing....and how the psychic or dream world is a forerunner to what becomes the physical world....and in the psychic dream world probable decisions or scenarios are played out and have a life of their own....awaiting realisation in the physical world...."

    I work a lot with my dreams. The house is a symbol of the self.

    I've always been fascinated by architecture, so I got this idea of combining architecture from different ages in the collages. In my collages, original drawings by Bill Risebero, you can see architecture from antiquity Roma together with Russian Constructivism, 1500's church building and today's modern buildings combined into new forms.