colour tarots
Know yourself through shades and art
The Colour Tarots link the psychology of colours to the powerful imagery of Tarot cards, helping us to have a deeper and unique understanding of this tool. 

The project includes:
- 22 major arcana cards  
- 1 booklet to explain each card and colour
- 1 box to store the cards
- 1 velvet sachet to store the Tarots and the booklet
Every card is associated to a particular shade: the Magician (strength, creation, will power) is linked to the colour red, which in psychology represents passion, excitement and courage; the Lovers (balance, union, harmony) is connected to pink, the colour of tranquility, peace and positive emotions. 

The back of the cards is a black and white decorative floral pattern, which creates contrast with the colorful front. 
The set of cards (front and back) and the box
Some of the cards
The back of the cards
The booklet is an easy and practical tool to understand the deck and use it properly.
It is divided into three main chapters:
- The first one is an introduction to Tarots and this specific deck. 
- The second chapter is the main one: it explains the meaning behind every arcane and colour.
- The third one is dedicated to spreads and ways to practically use the deck. 

The box is made to fit the deck perfectly. 
The graphics is the same of the one used for the booklet, but the colours change: while the first one has cold tones, the second one is more warm. 
The velvet sachet is a prototype, which can be done in a higher print run. 
This is a valid alternative to a box, which can become bulky and unwieldy: the sachet can easily contain the cards and the booklet without taking up too much space.
The design is simple yet decorative, and the black and white tones give an elegant and classy touch, creating contrast with the rest of the elements.

- Thank you for your attention -
The Colour Tarots