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SPRX Branding&Packaging Renewal

We designed the SPRX brand. SPRX is a 1:1 diet management brand and a health supplement brand. 

A signature with a simple figure of double quotation marks. Each pair has the same shape.
to speak; to have a conversation; to stress; to indicate something important . It means that.

Not only is it used as a logo, but it is also used in various goods, artworks, products, etc. Can be used as a quotation mark role.
The SPRX's renewed package design is: Focused on "simple," "cleaned," and "urgent."

The product's point color and the product's mockup are arranged in a neat white background. 
Fill in the information you need as neatly as possible. It's a neat and readable design.
SPRX's new slogan is "Tell a Story."

It means tell us your story, we will always listen to your story.

We've highlighted the slogans in signature quotes, and printed them in a special texture (hologram) to give them a more distinctive and unique look.

SPRX | Branding&Packaging