It will be about a meeting of two female photographers — Alice Gulkanyan and me. 
We're both from Kazan. Even though we knew each other, we didn't know each other and we never saw. 
A couple of people told me that we were similar, then I had the idea to make a joint self-portrait with Alice. And the first time we met, we did it!
I found the idea of shooting two photographers with similar tastes and interests as models quite interesting. I did not think it would come out so well, because not everyone can find a common language so immediately.
We came up with poses on the go, and it was so easy! I think even I have a harder time working with models on the set than posing with Alice. 
Managing the process, being a model, is quite simple, as it turned out. With a tripod would not be particularly convenient to take such angles, so we helped the hands of another photographer :)
"It happens that people, being never seeing each other live, have something in common in the form of love for photography, nature, animals; they can have similar views on life, and still have something similar in appearance. A kind of “creative twins” who certainly had to meet and finally talk." (с) Alice​​​​​​​
With Alice