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Wallpapers, CO.DE by Jannelli&Volpi

Designs for CO.DE by Jannelli&Volpi

My passion for patterns, thanks to the encounter with the historic company Jannelli&Volpi, gives rise to four projects for wallpaper. They become part of the new brand CO.DE which is dedicated to the contract sector at every level, from small private projects to large-scale buildings and residential. This new collection is completely customisable and can be printed on 11 types of supports, including superb natural fibres like silk, rafia and linen. CO.DE by Jannelli&Volpi was presented at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2019.

A delicate design made up of a few simple elements. Small squares create a three-dimensional surface with a pleasant rhythm. The regularity of the geometric design is slightly contrasted by the imperfect texture of a canvas on the bottom. Its chiaroscuro enriches design with thickness and matter. But the true focal point of the design is concentrated on a vertical line where the color explodes and causes a sudden emotion. I like to think of it as the palpitation of a new encounter.

It was inspired by a childhood game that fascinated me a lot: the spirograph. I observed with astonishment and devotion the complex geometric shapes that my hand carried out as if by magic. Here the shapes have become splendid butterflies.

It tastes like a vintage tile. Right from the start, he reminded me of my aunt’s colorful bathroom: the window filled with light and the smell of laundry. Then, while making the color variations, I imagined the design on the living room walls of a charming Portuguese house, among crowded bookcases, velvet armchairs and lush plants. Ricciolo is a capricious design: it hypnotizes me looking for the missing circles and following the curls which I imagine slipping and getting caught in the rotating circles.

It has an ethnic identity and a techno rhythm. The rectangular brushstrokes form a compact and dynamic layer that seems to dance under the horizontal passage of serrated lines. As if it were a strobe light projected on a frantic crowd. Even the color combinations are unexpected, sometimes strident and dissonant.

Wallpapers, CO.DE by Jannelli&Volpi

Wallpapers, CO.DE by Jannelli&Volpi


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