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#TeamTexasHHS: Public Service Recognition Week
#TeamTexasHHS: Public Service Recognition Week 
Texas Health and Human Services

Texas Health and Human Services succeeded in engaging thousands of employees in its first systemwide Public Service Recognition Week campaign. The project honored the work of state employees, reinforced the agency’s values and positively influenced the culture of Texas HHS. The project also served as an exercise in launching increasingly complex and cohesive internal information campaigns. By doing this, Texas HHS has positioned itself and its staff to better inform and serve millions of Texans.
A team of designers, producers, writers and editors created media and organized events for the weeklong campaign. Each element of the Public Service Recognition Week project sought to actively connect with employees and encourage a feeling of unity across the far-reaching agency. 

The campaign used both internal delivery methods and a robust social media plan to connect with team members. The hashtags #TeamTexasHHS and #TexasHHSProud helped support the goals of the project and encouraged content sharing online. The hashtags were incorporated throughout online materials and design elements.

Key campaign components included: 

Messages and participation from Dr. Courtney N. Phillips, Texas HHS executive commissioner
Video messages and motion graphics
Print materials (signs, outdoor banners, packets, flyers and schedules)
TV monitor graphics
Social media messaging and engagement
Internal articles

The Texas HHS Office of Communications used Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Lightroom and Photoshop to create the various aspects of this project.
In preparation for the campaign's launch, the communications team sent digital and printable materials to agency managers statewide with suggestions for employee appreciation activities, a schedule of events and resources for participation.

Graphics used in TV monitors throughout HHS headquarters also thanked employees and promoted employee engagement in Public Service Recognition Week activities.
A printable sign was designed for staff to use in photographs for the first day of Public Service Recognition Week — "Selfie Monday." The signs offered space for each employee to write down why they serve Texans. Managers encouraged their teams to share photos of themselves with their selfie signs, expressing the reasons they work in public service.

The reaction from staff was immediate. One team lined their hallway with their "selfie" images. Other teams designed their own photo booths or posed for group photos. The communications team received more than 800 photo submissions and more photos were shared online. The selfie poster was downloaded by Texas HHS employees more than 1,100 times.  

"Selfie Monday" created excitement within the agency and an atmosphere that helped propel the Public Service Recognition Week campaign to success.
The Texas HHS executive commissioner delivered a message to staff to recognize their service and encourage #TeamTexasHHS. The video incorporated footage of employees and motion graphics to support the commissioner’s message. In terms of organic views, the video below is now the most-watched internal video in recent years.
Recently, Texas HHS underwent a systemwide consolidation and restructuring. To promote understanding and clarify the role of the agency — both internally and externally — Texas HHS created and released a new overview video as part of its Public Service Recognition Week efforts.
Employees at Texas HHS headquarters and community offices celebrated the week with various events.

Major events included:
Systemwide "Selfie Monday"
Employee photo booths
Dessert and cakewalk game
 "Mardi Gras in May" Zumba*
 Specialty food offerings*

Although many events were scheduled, individual managers throughout the state also found their own ways to show appreciation to their teams and departments.

The Texas HHS photographer captured key moments throughout the week. 

Events replaced a planned walk and tailgate that were cancelled due to inclement weather.
Texas HHS sent more than 10 emails as part of the campaign to 41,561 HHS team members. Messages included event details, links to articles and video content, and materials to prepare managers for the campaign. 
Articles and announcements on the system's internal website previewed Public Service Recognition Week ahead of the campaign, honored HHS employees throughout the week and served as a vehicle for content release. The content has received nearly 12,000 clicks as of this submission.
Texas HHS team members engaged with the campaign online by sending photos to the communications team and using the #TeamTexasHHS and #TexasHHSProud hashtags on social media. 

Public Service Recognition Week-related posts were seen more than 54,000 times and had nearly 5,000 engagements and post clicks across the Texas Health and Human Services social media platforms.
Texas HHS shared the hundreds of "Selfie Monday" photos online and used Adobe Lightroom to create  a slideshow that was sent to Texas HHS team members.

The campaign achieved its goals of connecting with and honoring employees, reinforcing the organization's values, and positively influencing the agency's culture. 

It also served as an exercise in creating increasingly collaborative and complex media campaigns. The Texas HHS communications team is currently examining lessons learned from the Public Service Recognition Week efforts to refine its model for quick and effective distribution of information that can be used to improve the health and well-being of Texans.
#TeamTexasHHS: Public Service Recognition Week

#TeamTexasHHS: Public Service Recognition Week

Texas Health and Human Services succeeded in engaging thousands of employees in its first systemwide Public Service Recognition Week campaign. Th Read More