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    Wine label design for Sopron 2012 by Weninger winery.
S ◦ PR ◦ N 2012
by Weninger

The Weninger winery is a family business near to the Austrian-Hungarian border. The winery places great emphasis on the biological sustainability and the eco-friendly management. They work in the Sopron wine region since 1997. The realization of Sopron wine was an old dream of Franz Weninger and in 2007 the first bottles were placed on the shelves. On the one-week workshop our task was to create a unified label scheme that can be used for years ahaed, and to plan the full label for the 2012 cuvée vintage.
Our brief was about a wine which is also for young people and also represents a new image of Sopron in the capital, Budapest. My concept was to toss away all the typical symbols of Sopron and approach wine-lover people with freshness and interaction, because our everyday life is filled with it, e. g. touchscreens.
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