• Print and Exhibiton Design
  • Reihl Kir was the chief of police administration in Osijek, who was killed due to his pacifist efforts on July 1st 1991, at the very beginning of the war in Croatia. Kir went from one barricade to another, Serbian or Croatian, spreading his jacket with his arms, showing that he was unarmed, trying and managing to calm down and talk some sense into his interlocutors and fellow citizens, on both sides, and to dissuade them from direct hostile actions. The initial idea was that the installation connected to Kirs life should be some kind of an intimate space, but we did not want to make an installation that would have a voyeur emotion, that would make people feel like they were encroaching on someones intimacy. Therefore, the installation itself is transparent, comprised out of 3 stripped closets, reduced to the level of construction, in which prints connected to Kirs life are attached. To all that, this represents a very mobile and practical installation, built with the intention to be exhibited in more than 25 places in the entire former Yugoslavia.
  •  "Who is Reihl Kir to you'" - exhibition
     projekat Manjine za manjine - Centar za mirovne studije, Zagreb
     Nenad Trifunović, Aleksa Bijelović
     Lazar Bodroža, Nenad Trifunović, Goran Pandža, Ivan Kostić
     Petokraka - Milica Maksimović, Aleksa Bijelović i Nanad Trifunović
    Dušan Đorđević