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    Advertorial pages for Uno Guam Magazine
Art Direction. Collaboration with different photographers and illustrators
Beer Advertorial
Illustration by Kasey Albano
Tiki Inspired Cocktails Advertorial
Layout sketch
Final page. Illustration by Wilver Alquino
IWS Advertorial
Colored wine bottle rings were used to create the Types of Wine chart.
MIDPAC & IWS Holiday Drinks Advertorial
product layout sketch
Holiday Drinks Advertorial. Photography by Jay Tablante
Valentine Inspired Drinks Advertorial
Valentines Drink Advertorial. Photography by Pat Mateo and Food Styling by Giannina Gonzales
Monster Energy Drink Advertorial
Final page. Photography by Adrian Banu
Heineken Advertorial
Sketch layout with color and elements peg.
Final page. Background illustration by Wilver Alquino
Miller Lite Punch Top Advertorial
Final page. Illustrations by Ralph Guibani
Travel Drinks for MIDPAC and IWS
Patron Tequila Advertorial
Toasting Etiquette Advertorial
Don Q Advertorial