Narrative III: 'Silent Night' and other strange tales
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    Illustrations about strange tales and real stories, 2013.
'Silent Night' 2013. A Chinese musician plays 'Silent Night on 'a Chinese pipa--an instrument that makes the melody sound fragmented and sad--on Santa Con, a day where crowds come into New York City dressed as Santas, in celebration of Christmas season. Selected for American Illustration 32.
'Cold Pirate': A Somali pirate finds his homeland turned into and inced world due to severe climate change.
'If on a Winter's Night A Traveler': based on the first chapter of Italo Calvino's novel 'If on a Winter's Night a Traveler,' specifically on a passage the illustrates the sense of isolation is found when a person recoginze the others' leisure to enjoy ordinary life.
'Proposal Battle': A woman who has magical powers found herself often surrounded by what seemed like fictional characters lost in the real world. There were clowns, pirates, fairies and kali-ma who all tried to start love affairs with her.