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    They were so cute when you first met them. But then... they got fed after midnight. Vicious celebrity gremlins that didn't obey the rules.
Imagine if you will, all the famous celebrity screw ups, junkies, addicts or anger management cases, basically the creme de la creme of Hollywood and the music industries super screw ups.
Quite frankly now I have no desire to see a Gremlins sequel, as chances are it would be a CGI mess minus the joyous puppetry and coal black humor that made the originals so brilliant. But for the parody factor alone I nailed the leveling charm of the baleful Gremlins who are hilarious regardless thanks to their nasty little personalities. A hilarious throwback to the '80s horror-comedy classic.
The result is a strange concoction of human-monster flesh, with most of the celebrities actually looking better than usual.