Adventure Time Papercrafts
An ongoing personal project creating papercrafts out of my favorite characters from the cartoon Adventure Time. (Disclaimer: I don't own Adventure Time. This is a personal project and no profit is being made!)
The initial 3D model of the character is made and colored in Cinema 4D, converted into a printable pattern using Pepakura Designer, with final adjustments in Photoshop. Printed on basic printer paper and constructed with regular Elmer's glue.
The goal is to not only make it look like the character, but also to make the pattern simple enough that it could be easily remade by other people. 
Due to overwhelming request (thank you!!) you can download the patterns HERE
Finn the Human
Jake the Dog
Lumpy Space Princess
Marceline the Vampire Queen
Includes alternate faces. 
This papercraft is especially easy and quick to make so I did a timelapse of construction. 
A special BMO made to be roughly "lifesize" or thereabouts, with optional controllers and alternate faces. 
currently pending reconstruction - pattern needs modifying
Next up: Princess Bubblegum