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    Exhibition in our school celebrating The Power Of Sport, a joint learning project between St. Mary's Menston in the UK and Mnyakanya High School … Read More
    Exhibition in our school celebrating The Power Of Sport, a joint learning project between St. Mary's Menston in the UK and Mnyakanya High School in South Africa. Over 600 pupils voluntarily entered the Art and Creative Writing competitions. Read Less
South African pupils at Mnyakanya High School don't do art as a lessonl, but produced incredible work.
St. Mary's Menston has no 'gallery space' so we used the 'main corridor' instead. The framed artwork that was there before was from 2006, so it was pleasing to refresh it.
I like this canvas on the left because so many pupils can be proud their work has been displayed and show it to their family and friends.
600 pupils aged 11–19 entered the competition.
Inspired by the London 2012 Olympic Games, using the theme of 'The Power of Sport' a joint learning project began at St. Mary's and Mnyakanya in 2010. Remarkably, over six hundred pupils from both schools voluntarily entered the creative writing and art competitions
Even though it is a small space, just two sides of part of a corridor, the work of over 70 pupils is featured on the 15 canvases
The art was photographed as it was originally A4 and A3 size. Canvas displays were then generously produced for us at 'cost price' by Bambisanani Partnership supporters, Leeds based printing company Quarmby Colour.
"The competitions have been a remarkable success at a variety of levels.  Like so many of the other joint learning projects between the two schools, I am convinced that these two competitions will lead to other developments and opportunities for the partnership and indeed the individuals involved."
Mr Geldart, Assistant Headteacher and Founder of the Bambisanani Partnership
The name of the competitions comes from the profound words of Nelson Mandela:
“Sport has the power to unite people in a way that little else can. Sport can create hope where there was once only despair. It breaks down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all kinds of discrimination. Sport speaks to people in a language they can understand.”
For both creative writing and art, three bespoke trophies were commissioned in both countries. These were presented to twelve recipients for their outstanding work.  All students that took part in the competition received a specially designed certificate.
I like the spotlights and particularly the vinyl lettering of the competition logotype - the bright red shows up well against the pale pink paint. As we often find, the pupils' work is the best thing we can display in our school. The display was a big success and was an uplifting sight for pupils and staff beginning the summer term.
A hardback book about the competition is also being produced, as well as larger Art exhibitions in the UK and, hopefully, South Africa.
It was a refreshing change to display creative writing on the wall. Some of the pieces are quite moving.
This sculpture was produced out of school, by a talented pupil in Mnyakanya High School who has never studied Art before.