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    while my other portfolios are original works created by me or me and friends. These projects are games I created using the game maker software tu… Read More
    while my other portfolios are original works created by me or me and friends. These projects are games I created using the game maker software tutorial book and served as valuable learning tools for both of the games I developed using game maker. Read Less
Game maker Games
my building blocks
 Just like anything you have to learn how to develop a game one step at a time, and there is of course no better way to learn how to do that than practice. This was among one of the first books / program combos I got when I began attending Devry, however I really didn't mess with the program until my sophomore year and much more in my junior and senior year. These screen shots are compiled from the tutorial games the game maker book teaches you how to create step by step.  while I didn't create these games from my own mind it still took me hours of " programming" and play-testing them  to make sure they worked as I intended and the way the book described. With that said I give all credit and thanks to the creators at Yoyo games for this software that has been an excellent learning tool for me.
First on the list is Evil Clutches, unlike the other two games this one did  not come with a main menu screen but simply opened directly into the game. the goal of evil clutches is to out maneuver the ugly evil drgagon looking thing ( to the right) while it spits its demon children at you. you have the ability to blow fire balls and destroy its children  but the evil dragon also spits out your babies. So you have to attempt to save your babies while dodging its babies. you have to watch out though, you can also destroy your own children with fireballs.
Secondly we have Galactic  Mail which for all intents and purposes works  like the traditional game asteroids. your job is to dodge the asteroids while you jump from planet to planet, however your score is constantly counting down so you have to make sure to be quick while moving. I think the most important thing this game taught me was how to randomly spawn objects and  how layers ( much like the ones used in graphic design) are used in the design and function of  a 2d game.
Lastly and possibly the most important of them all is Pyramid Panic. in Pyramid Panic you play as an adventurous explorer who is raiding tombs . However like all pyramids this one is filled with dangerous enemies.  there are 3 types, the scarab which only moves vertically, the scorpion which only moves horizontally and the mummy which moves all around randomly. if one of the enemies sees you they get a speed increase as they try to attack, so you must be careful.  you collect treasure to get the highest score possible and there are movable blocks around to help you navigate pat the enemies. the game ends when the player finds the mystical sword hidden deep in the pyramid.  this game was really fun to make and really I think this may have pushed me towards a growing interest in artificial intelligence programming . this game was instrumental for my developement in S.A.S.K.E because the  pathfinding scripts for the mummies and the enemy ninjas  are nearly identical.