With record revenue, success and growth in their first six years, Indianapolis-based Slingshot SEO had quickly become one of the country’s top organic SEO firms. They also were a leader in the search engine optimization field and repeat Inc. Magazine Top 500 company. In late 2012 a rebrand was in order to help the company better promote it's expanding services. The objective was to establish a rebranded identity that would echo the success of Slingshot SEO, but also resonate going forward with innovation and originality. The focus was now on digitalrelevance™, and creating it's new brand identity for print, digital and advertising medias.

"Ask a marketer what in their work keeps them up at night and most will tell you - 'doing a re-brand.' I'm no exception. As soon as my team and I start on a re-brand project my designer up and quits! Soon afterwards, I met Ben. He joined my marketing team and brought with him true poise, passion and prudent creativity. From new graphics to a whole new logo, his design repertoire knows no bounds." - Chad Pollitt, Director of Marketing, Slingshot SEO / digitalrelevance™
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